Composer - Teacher - Recording Artist - Performer

My Story

Born and raised in the clay villages of Cornwall, I first sat on a stool at a piano aged 7 and started classical training, passing the Trinity College RSM exams at Grade 5 with honours. Later in life I achieved a Diploma of Music from the Open University. 

At 12 or 13 I started teaching myself to play modern rock/pop piano and by age of 14 became a working musician with a band playing the pubs and clubs. After several years and bands the main live project became a duo called the 'James Brothers' playing covers (although we have written a couple of country songs which we also love to play). We continue to enjoy the live experience. 

Having performed, across Britain, Europe and Ireland for 40 years I'm now concentrating on creating and releasing piano based music to chill, soothe and relax. The inspiration for the new music emanates from artists such as Max Richter, Philip Glass, Ólafur Arnalds and Ludovico Einaudi. I've taken the sound and created music incorporating my own feeling and expression.

I'm also a member of and loving working with students of all ages who want to learn to play the piano. 

Fun Facts:

  • The James Brothers played a gig at the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay where we played all night without an audience.
  • During an ‘epic’ lead break while playing with The Blue Grid at a gig at Marjons in Plymouth, I picked up the keyboard, swung it around, made direct contact with the singer's head who collapsed on the floor and crawled into the kick drum cavity in a pool of blood.
  • While the James Brothers were playing at The 3 Pilchards in Polperro, the landlord of the pub opposite, The Noughts and Crosses, asked us to come over to his pub after the gig, which was around 01:00, set up and play another gig. We did, finishing around 04:00.
  • Back in the day at a Density 1150 gig, I had enough petrol in the van to get to the gig but no further. Don't tell anyone, but I always kept a rubber tube and a Corona bottle in the van, so during the break I used this apparatus to siphon petrol from customers' cars.

I'd Love to hear from you, drop me a message :)