1. Hungan
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Nos a dheu ha kyn fydh Mr an nos a dheu prys hunros gwir.
War lann an mor puptra oll yw glans war lann an mor dowr a gan
Pub fleghik oil a gosk devri; pub fleghik oil salow yn y ji.
Myttin a dhehwel yn skon mar koskydh down dison; myttin a dhehwel yn skon mar koskydh down dison.
Pell mes a wel air) bys divlas, pelt mes a wel tir an hun a goedh warnas.

Night comes and although it is long night comes a true dream time
Every single child sleeps indeed; every single child safe in his house.
On the shore of the sea everything is clean; on the shore of the sea water sings.
Morning returns soon if you sleep deep, quiet; morning soon returns if you sleep deep, quiet.
Far out of view, from the tasteless world, far out of sight the land of sleeps falls on you.