1. Achill Island
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Listen son, there's something I must tell you how your mum and me fell in love.
You may think that fairy tales don't happen but this was like a bolt from up above.
It happened in the year of 67, I got a summer job delivering beer.
I will never forget that Monday morning, the sun was bright and my radio was clear.

I was driving out to Achill Island when I saw her trying to hitch a ride.
I pulled up and she jumped in beside me and ever since that girl's been by my side.

I can't believe it's over 30 years now but I know the love we share is still as strong.
And son you know your mum and me both wish for the day that your true love will come along.
You never can be sure when it will happen just wait and take each day that comes along.
Until the time your heart tells you you found her you'll know because your heart is never wrong.